UPDATE 02.15.2012: The filing for the corporate petition to move the Salehi family to the USA was successful. Please pray as the family now applies for their official visa. Upon the interview with the family, we should receive word for the family’s approval in a matter of weeks! [more]

As some of you know from attending our last two banquets, we have made it known that Ramin and Caroline Salehi and their children, Emilia and Alexander plan to move from their home in Northern England to our community here in Southeastern Connecticut to work with f2fmi over the next two years. For the Salehis, this process has unfolded over the last few years and they are answering this call as a family. Our team is actively working to move them to the USA in 2012.

One of the obstacles of moving forward is the visa process. Ramin and I have been working on this tedious process but we are in the final stages of sending it off to immigration and holding our breath until we hear back. At the same time, we are trusting God for his timing all the way, realizing that it can sometimes take 6 months or more to hear back from immigration. Working in our favor are several key people on both sides of the water. Lakes Christian Centre has agreed to collect all of the finances Ramin has raised toward his salary and transfer it to f2fmi on a monthly basis once the family has arrived. One of our board members, Emmanuel Olawale is an immigration law attorney (the best!) and has committed himself to helping us through the visa process. Ramin has also recruited the help of a family friend, Irm (pronounced Eram) who has some experience in visas and immigration, to help Ramin finish the administration of the visa from his end. It’s really now in God’s hands.

The other challenge of moving forward is the financial challenge of paying for the process. Thankfully, God has been leading the way with a matching gift from the Mission Increase Foundation for last fall’s annual banquet. After matching this grant, Mission Increase has remained committed to our development activities to ensure this campaign’s success! Through MI, God has given our team incredible momentum to move forward with this campaign leading up to the family’s arrival. Ramin has seen a similar momentum in his home community as he begins to gather resources there. Praise God for his faithfulness!

Where do we go from here?
We need your help like never before to make this campaign a success! Our ministry needs to build a stronger team to continue to reach teenagers for Christ. You know what they say: “No team, no dream!” Would you pray about getting involved in the following ways:

  1. Serve on the Welcoming Committee. We want the Salehi’s to come in to Connecticut knowing that they are loved and that we are excited to receive them! My dream is to have a team of people working on their transition so that when they arrive, they can immediately be overwhelmed by our joy in having them here and find Southeastern Connecticut to be a place where they can connect and be cared whilst they roll up their sleeves and help us reach the lost. Contact me at tom@f2fmi.org if God is moving you to get involved in this way.
  2. We need table hosts and sponsors for this fall’s banquet (it’s never too early to start!). Would you consider hosting or sponsoring a table at our banquet this fall? Please begin to pray and ask the Lord if he would use you in that way.
  3. Do you give monthly to f2fmi? Do you already give regularly? Now would be a great time to partner monthly or if you are already giving monthly, consider giving us a raise! Increments of $50 and $100/month are bread and butter gifts to us. Even a raise of $5 or $10/month would go a long way to covering the costs of the family’s move, administrative expenses such as visa filing fees, postage back and forth to the UK, air fare and the rest… it all adds up fast!!
  4. Pray like crazy! Please join our weekly prayer guide if you are not already apart of it and even attend our monthly team meetings. For directions and more info or to join our weekly prayer guide, please email Megan Morth: megan@f2fmi.org.

Exciting times are ahead and we are so expectant! Join us in welcoming the Salehi’s and making this international partnership with the UK one for the history books in Southeastern Connecticut!